Gi Joe & GI Jane
You've seen the films - Now join the front line!

Could your Team rescue the POW held in Colditz?
Could they save Private Ryan?

Re-enact the drama and action with Greenjackets Battalion

Enlist your Team - Play as a Team
No-one waiting on the sidelines for their turn

Using a hi-tech infrared weapon system
Gone are the days of worrying about paintballs
No masks - No goggles - No bruising
Just enjoy your event to the full


Greenjackets Battalion on patrol


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 Weapons system briefing
 Issue of your kit
 You are now ready for action
 Or are you?

Quartermaster's Store

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 Great fun
 Perfect for Teambonding
 Ideal for Teambuilding
 Test your Imagination


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 If our Chippenham Battlefield
 is not a convenient location,
 check out our Mobile

Mobile Corporate Battlefield in Operation

 Why not combine your event with a
 conference / meeting at one of our
 local hotels.
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